A POPular way to Fundraise!

Are you looking for a fantastic fundraising opportunity for your school, sports team, church group, or any other organization? Look no further. Our program is designed to cater to groups of all sizes and offers a range of enticing benefits. let’s dive into the details of how this program can benefit your fundraising endeavors.

Program Benefits:

  • Suitable for schools, sports teams, church groups, and other organizations.
  • Works well for groups of all sizes.

Payback from Sales

  • Starting payback of around 35% from sales as profit.
  • Some items can offer up to 50% profit.
  • Sellers can offer exclusive sizes and flavors of popular popcorn, fudge, and popcorn balls.
  • Lowest-priced item is just $4.00, making it affordable for most customers.

Online Sales Support

  • Online sales option available to enhance fundraising efforts.
  • Receive a unique group code to share with your team for online orders.
  • Supporters can order online by entering the group code.

Flexible Selling Periods

  • Your group can sell for as long as needed.
  • Turn in the totals per flavor sold and we custom-make your order once it is fully paid to us via cash or check.
  • Typical turnaround time is 6-10 days.
  • No start-up costs involved.
  • You retain your profit immediately, without waiting for a check from the company.
  • Tax exemption paperwork can be submitted to waive taxes at the reconciling point.
  • Online sales are reconciled at the end, and funds are disbursed at a later date.


  • All fundraisers must be completed by November 5th each year.

Contact Information

For more information and assistance, contact us at:

Fundraising Products

  • Lite & White Popcorn Bag – Fundraiser Item


  • Popcorn Ball – Fundraiser Item


  • Fudge Sampler Box 1lb – Fundraiser Item


  • Chocolate Lovers Fudge Trio – Fundraiser Item


  • Chocolate Fudge – Fundraiser Item


  • Flavored Popcorn Bag – Fundraiser Item


  • Classic Popcorn Bag – Fundraiser Item