Our Story

Kirsten knew she wanted to own her own small business as a senior in high school when she began working part time at Vic’s Corn Popper in Andover, KS. As their first employee, the business owners really invested in Kirsten and taught her the “tools of the trade” so to speak. She was often trusted to run their store while they were out-of-town on weekends. Kirsten graduated from Andover Central HS and moved to Lincoln, NE to earn her degree in Business Management. The small business passion carried on with her and she would come back to Kansas to work at the Vic’s Popcorn shop during her school breaks from college as often as  possible.

She asked the owners of Vic’s at a young age that if they were ever looking to sell the store, to notify her first. Sure enough, 10 years later, they were ready to sell and gave her a call. During those 10 years, her mind was constantly generating ideas on how she could open her very own popcorn company. With the help of her creative family members, The Popcorner was created. The popcorn tradition continues under this new brand and began in the very same location where Kirsten sparked her passion. The Popcorner has since expanded to 2 locations on the East and West side of Wichita.  Thank you for taking the time to visit!

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